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Hover over the title to reveal information on an add-on service or treatment to compliment a manicure or pedicure service we provide. Then select "Book Now" to access our online appointment booking system or contact us 415.255.4589.

Book parties of 4 or more by calling 415.255.4589

An application designed to resemble natural nails, with painted pink base with white tips- this add on enhances the contrast between the main part of your nail and its tip.

French Tip
10 mins       $15.00
french manicure nails.jpg

Fruit-based glycolic-acid soaked softening patches are applied and wrapped to the feet to soften dead skin followed with buffing to smooth away remaining calluses.

Intensive Callus Treatment

 15 mins      $25.00    

callus treatment

The traditional removal of gel from the hands or the feet

Gel Removal
15 mins       $10.00
w a manicure or pedicure
15 mins       $15.00
w/o a manicure or pedicure
gel removal

A deep penetrating keratin emulsion wrap formulated to support  the nails to grow healthier and stronger while leaving the skin unbelievably silky smooth.

Keratin Rejuvenation Emulsion Wrap
10 mins       $15.00

Add the application of 7-free gel nail polish to any manicure except an Express Polish Change.

Gel Application
15 mins       $15.00
gel nail polish

A blend to help maintain optimal skin health through regular hydration, nourishment, and protection w  age-reducing antioxidants providing a restorative effect on the skin. for your hands or feet

PerfectSense Paraffin
15 mins      $20.00

Add the application of 7-free gel nail polish to any pedicure except an Express Polish Change.

Gel Application
15 mins       $20.00
gel nail polish
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