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Hover over the title to reveal information on our guys manicure or pedicure services. Then select "Book Now" to access our online appointment booking system or contact us 415.255.4589.

Book parties of 4 or more by calling 415.255.4589

guys manicure
30 mins.    $35.00
Guy's Manicure

Although our LUX pedicure will do the trick for a MAJOR OVERHAUL we recommend the guy's Pedi. Cleaning, cutting, shaping, and cuticle care, a focus on callus removal, a Soyaffin foot wrap, a warmed lotion massage. Finally, we finish it off with a nail buff, polish, or we can leave your nails in the nude- you choose.

Guy's Intensive Pedicure
70 mins.       $70.00
guys pedicure
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