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Hover over the title to reveal information on a manicure service we provide. Then select "Book Now" to access our online appointment booking system or contact us 415.255.4589.

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This not-so-basic manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle care, an aromatherapy scrub, a relaxing and moisturizing hand massage with warmed lotion and polish.

LUX Manicure
30 mins       $35.00

A deep penetrating keratin emulsion wrap formulated to support  the nails to grow healthier and stronger while leaving the skin unbelievably silky smooth.

Keratin Rejuvenation Manicure
40 mins       $45.00
keratin manicure

A nail technician will cut and file your nails to the desired shape before application of nail polish. No cuticle care, massage or gel application.

Express Polish Change
15 mins       $20.00
nail polish change

All of the elements of the LUX Manicure along with an extended massage and a hot, soothing and hydrating PerfectSense anti-aging paraffin wrap.

DeLUX Manicure
50 mins       $55.00

The LUX Manicure with the application of longer lasting 7-free gel nail polish.

Gel Manicure
50 mins       $50.00
gel manicure

A manicure for the little one, ages 10 and under, without harsh exfoliation or intense massage.

Kiddie Manicure

up to 10 years

15 mins       $15.00
kid's manicure

All of the elements of the DeLUX Manicure with the addition of a hot stone massage.

Custom Manicure
1 hr       $65.00

The LUX Manicure with the removal of and reapplication of longer lasting 7-free gel nail polish.

Gel Manicure  w Removal
1 hr       $60.00
gel manicure
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